Cherry blossoms spring couple elopement wedding Paris street photoshoot

Cherry blossoms elopement wedding in Paris

Immersed in the cherry blossoms with the one you love in the heart of Paris will be a great idea for someone looking for a dreamy outdoor elopement wedding!

Spring has sprung and as always, what makes us most excited is to admire the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom in Paris. The first warm sunlight shines through the foliage after a long cold winter, helping to put on the flowers a gorgeous glowing dress. We think that even the blue sky can’t help but flutter because of the strangely charming and overwhelmed beauty of those cherry blossoms. Like most of our feelings when coming to this city of love. If what we’ve just said makes you believe that spring in Paris is the perfect time for your outdoor intimate wedding, then what are you waiting for? Scroll down and let’s explore the bottom of this blog post!

When and where do cherry blossoms bloom?

As a Paris elopement planner, we know all the beautiful spots for cherry blossoms in townDepending on the location and the weather, the first three weeks of April are usually the peak bloom for cherry blossoms in Paris. For example, the cherry trees standing alone in the streets usually bloom first, from the end of March. They give this city of love a little touch of pink in every corner. Then, it’s the turn of the cherry trees in those famous Jardins ( gardens) in Paris.

Fews short days later, a whole line of cherry blossoms in the most famous place, the side of the Trocadero with a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower will fully bloom too. These are the longest-lasting (through to the middle of April) in the city, perfect for couples to do an elopement ceremony and exchange their vows here. And finally, there will be an orchard of pink cherry blossom trees blooming in mid to late April in Parc de Sceaux – the heaven destination for picnic-holics.

A picture with cherry blossom like on Instagram

Now you know when the flowers are at their best, but for those dreamy shots you see on Instagram, here’s your advice from an experienced Paris photographer All sites are public, so be sure to get up early as possible to avoid tourists, and also locals sunbathing and picnicking. When there are no crowds around, you can capture the morning sunlight as it shines beautifully down the street and hits blossoms, giving them an extra little glow. Must be said that it will be magnificent and romantic for couples to do a love photoshoot or an elopement wedding ceremony here.

Elopement Wedding Ceremony under Cherry Blossoms

Speaking of which, our beautiful couple A&J will be sharing a little of their lovely moment and walking us through their cherry blossom elopement wedding in Jardin du Trocadero, an amazing location for your ceremony and a hidden park at the city center. Here, they exchanged their vows in the presence of an adorable little angel – their baby Paola. And of course, also with madame Eiffel lurking in the background.

family portrait baby cherry blossom Paris
elopement wedding cherry blossom Paris with baby
cherry blossom paris couple wedding photoshoot
cherry blossom Paris couple photoshoot

Strolling in Paris Street is a must

Although the canopy of pink cherry blossom petals is your main goal when visiting Paris in the spring, don’t forget the picturesque streets with majestic classical buildings here! It will always make you look cool, even if you’re just walking across the street, and no need to pose much.

Paris street couple elopemet wedding photoshoot
Paris street couple chic stylish photoshoot
Family portrait with baby in Paris street
cute baby family portrait in Paris

family portrait by tour eiffel and cherry blossom

Immersed in the cherry blossoms with the one you love in the heart of Paris will be a great idea for someone looking for a dreamy outdoor elopement wedding!

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