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Paris Elopement: Everything you need to know

An elopement is a very intimate wedding focused on who you are as a couple and can be celebrated in any place, as long as it has significance for both of you.

Surrounded by your closest friends or family or just with the two of you, it can be celebrated by an officiant or self solemnized. It is also a great opportunity to have more pictures of each other!

Eloping in Paris is a fun, unconventional, and very romantic adventure for a sweet escape in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Why you should have a Paris elopement?

City of lights, city of love, capital of gastronomy… There are plenty of names that define the beauty and character of Paris, one of the most luxuriant cities in Europe. With its beautiful gardens and palaces, the French capital has a lot to offer when it comes to planning your dream intimate wedding in Paris.

1 You don’t feel like planning a big traditional wedding

A Paris elopement is the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to organize a traditional big wedding with all the stress sweats and pressure that come with it (finalizing the guest list, booking venues which can host hundreds of people, dealing with family drama… just to name a few).

Your dream wedding can turn into a real battlefield, but no worries: it doesn’t need to be!


Paris elopement cafe

2 You want to focus on the most important things to you

Because you won’t have to deal with a million variables, eloping in Paris will give you more freedom and flexibility to do what feels the most authentic to you: your timeline, your choices. Couples also elope because they can have more stunning couple of pictures and shoot a movie that really reflects who they are.

Your elopement is a great occasion to capture the natural bond between the two of you on this special day, away from any other distractions.

3 The French Art de Vivre really sounds exciting to you

Surely Paris is the best place to enjoy the lifestyle à la française: there, you can treat yourself right with some delicate macarons accompanied with a champagne flûte, have a beautiful ceremony in an exceptional outdoor venue or in a luxuriant hôtel suite, and simply enjoy the astonishing view of Paris, a city where romance is at every corner.

couple cutting cake paris wedding

Is it legal to get married in France?

Weddings taking place in the Mairie (Townhall) and performed by the Mayor of the town are internationally recognized and legally binding. However, the administrative work can be quite complicated: foreign couples can marry in France if they meet the residency requirement of a minimum of 40 days on French territory immediately prior to the civil ceremony (if you want to know more about it, check the French government website).

If you cannot meet these legal conditions to have your intimate wedding in France, your Paris Elopement can very well be a symbolic wedding and you can, later on, have your civil ceremony back at home.

What is a symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic wedding is a meaningful yet non-legally binding ceremony that can be held in any place(s) of your choice, as long as it has a significance for the both of you. For instance, you can have your intimate ceremony just right at the feet of the Eiffel Tower or even by the Seine river. It hence offers you more flexibility to organize the bespoke intimate ceremony which truly corresponds to who you are.

Our Paris officiant always takes time to get to know the couples to write the perfect personalized wedding vows and we also love to organize multicultural elopements. At the end of the ceremony, we deliver a symbolic wedding certificate.

Ring and stationery elopement wedding

Stationery is a nice addition to your elopement

"Do I really need to hire a Wedding Planner?"

Your Paris elopement should be about enjoyment and bliss and that’s why we are here to help! Especially if you’re organizing from abroad, an experienced Intimate wedding planner will save you precious hours finding the right vendors and locations, coordinate the whole day, and avoid common mistakes.

1 The simple word “planning” is a source of stress for you

Even though you’re excited to be married, you realize the whole organization of it can be quite complicated and let’s be honest : not everybody can do it ! As Paris Elopement planners, we have few tricks up our sleeves to set up a plan, avoid common mistakes and give you reliable vendor recommendations.

2 You just don’t know where to start

Especially if you’re organizing from abroad, it can be difficult to figure out how you should break down the different tasks in a timely fashion, set up a realistic wedding budget, or simply visit your elopement locations in Paris.

3 You lead a busy life and have limited time

If you know that you’re already behind schedule or that your full-time job won’t allow enough time to make your dream Paris elopement come true, hiring a wedding planner can save you precious hours and make the entire wedding organization smoother.

4 You want this day to really be yours and enjoy

Dealing with the pressure of last minute changes for your big day is probably something you want to avoid, don’t you? Elopement planners can help you with budget constraints, keep things on track and coordinate the entire elopement so that you can simply enjoy the day as its best (you’ll also look way better on your pictures if you can just focus on being you!)

What do we do as your Paris wedding planner?

As your Paris Elopement planner, our role is to make your day stress-free and as smooth as it goes so that you can fully enjoy this unique experience :
champagne paris wedding
  • We always offer a free consultation so we can get to know each other, hear about your story and understand your vision

  • We set up the timeline from the preparation to D-Day (and even after sometimes!)

  • We make sure logistics even in the smallest details are all on point

  • We coordinate the work between your vendors

  • We share our tips about Paris, a city that we have meticulously studied inside and out (and of course, we can show you the most romantic spots that no one heard about!)

  • We LOVE organizing multicultural and LGBTQ+ weddings 
Ready to savour every minute of your big day without being overwhelmed by last-minute changes?

(We usually respond between 24-48 hours)

Our Paris Elopement packages

Our team is here to help you make your Paris Elopement unique, with a chic touch and elegance à la française. Are you ready for some magic?

For a small and mighty ceremony in an intimate venue to focus only on the most important things for you.


This package includes a 2-hour photo shoot and officiant that guide you through your romantic ceremony in your favorite location in Paris

Besides your bespoke ceremony, let us take care of your wedding look, from the make-up to the floral design for the bouquet and a matching boutonnière.
Discover more secret romantic spots in Paris and let us help you design a chic and floral set for your bespoke ceremony decor.

Experience fun and adventurous multiple-hour photography session to tell your story at its best and focus on the smallest things that will make the difference.

Et oui!
A-la-carte option!

All our packages are customizable, you can personalize your experience to truly make it yours.

We offer a wide range of different services with amazing vendors curated by us. Whether you want celebrate your love on a Parisian rooftop or in a luxurious suite at a palace hotel, just simply let us know what you’re looking for in your Paris elopement and we’d be happy to make it happen!

Still not sure which elopement package is for you?

Our team

We are Linh and Duc, passionate elopement and intimate wedding planners, based in Paris. With years of experience in wedding photography, we have traveled to many places around the globe to meet couples with multiple cultures and backgrounds.


We know how difficult and stressful organizing an elopement can be if you are not used to it, and that is why we are here to help! We have learnt all the tricks and tips to make your organization a breeze and have built strong relationships with the best wedding vendors in town.


Eloping in Paris has no secrets for us!

The Paris Elopement Team

You ask, we answer

I’m interested in your services, what is the booking procedure?

Whether you’re interested in our all-inclusive package or à-la-carte option), you can fill in our Contact Form and our team will get back to you in under 48 hours.

If you’re ready to book, we’ll send over the contract. Your Paris elopement is confirmed once we have received the deposit. We accept payment by credit card and bank transfer.

What should we wear for our Paris Elopement?

You should wear something that you love! It’s your wedding day, you have the freedom to decide whatever feels most authentic to you. We can also share with you some inspirations if needed! 

What if it rains on my Paris Elopement day, is it possible to reschedule?

We are flexible should we need to modify the timing or date due to the weather. However, this will also depend on the availability of our vendors.   

Can I wear high heels for my Intimate Wedding in Paris?

Of course, you can wear anything you like! Please keep in mind also to bring a pair of comfortable shoes in case you need to walk around the city as the cobblestones might be a bit difficult to walk on.

Where to elope in Paris?

“Add two letters to Paris and it’s paradise.” – Jules Renard. Discover the most romantic locations for your Paris elopement and photoshoot.

Paris elopement wedding palais royal

Palais Royal

Just right across the street from the Louvre Museum, Palais Royal is home to the Insta-famous black & white columns known as "Les colonnes de buren". Enjoy a little walk through its gorgeous hallway, and sit by the central pond to admire the beautifully designed garden.
paris elopement wedding cafe

Parisian café

Capture the charm of Paris through its café. It's also one of the best ways to enjoy the city of love, sitting on a café terrace, drinking an espresso or a café au lait. Don't forget to order some croissants or French pastries!
paris wedding elopement eiffel tower street avenue camoens

Streets with view of Eiffel tower

Discover another views of the Eiffel Tower hidden in the picturesque Parisian streets. Romance is at every corner in the City of Love!
elopement wedding eiffel tower seine

Eiffel Tower by the Seine

Located next to Trocadero, enjoy the best of both worlds with the dreamy Seine river and the Iron Lady in the background, perfect for an intimate elopement ceremony or wedding portraits.
Paris elopement vows renewal in Paris

Place Saint-Sulpice

Admire the architecture of the impressive Saint-Sulpice fountain illuminating the space, just behind the Church which witnessed the marriage of the illustrious Victor Hugo 200 years ago.
parisian street wedding photo

Parisian streets

Take a stroll with us on the charming paved streets of the capital among the Haussman style buildings.
Montmartre Elopement

Quartier de Montmartre

From Amelie Poulain to the Moulin Rouge!, Montmartre is one the most famous Parisian spots depicted in movies. With its breathtaking panoramic view of the capital, it is also full of hidden gems at every corner...
elopement wedding seine river ile saint louis

Île Saint-Louis & Quai de Seine

Find the soul of Paris on the beautiful Saint-Louis Island. At a walking distance from Notre Dame Cathedral, this small island is the perfect place to enjoy the calm and beauty of the Seine river banks.
elopement wedding jardin des tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries

In this picturesque garden à la française, the tree lines create an aesthetic decor for your elopement ceremony and offer a stunning view of the Louvre Museum in the background.
paris elopement louvre pyramide wedding

Musée du Louvre

Embrace the timeless beauty of this courtyard, where the charm of the Renaissance architecture and the modernity of the glass pyramids come together to create the perfect stage for your intimate ceremony.
elopement wedding eiffel tower trocadero

Eiffel Tower in Trocadéro

If you’re looking for the most breathtaking view of the French Iron Lady, Trocadero Square is the perfect place to have your elopement ceremony.