No stress Paris Elopement with Eiffel tower

For those who prefer simplicity for their Paris Elopement, this intimate wedding by the Eiffel tower is for you.

For those who prefer simplicity for their Paris Elopement, this intimate wedding by the Eiffel tower is for you.

We had the pleasure of working with A&S for their special day. We accompanied them with suggestions for hair & make-up, dresses, floral, etc. They also ordered their vow books, personalized with their names on them.

Started with their preparation moments at their hotel, they then held a simple and touching ceremony in front of the Iron Lady where they exchanged their intimate vows for one another. This Paris Elopement continued with a little champagne popping while strolling our favorite street with the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop. It wouldn’t be a complete Parisian experience without sitting at a cafe and people watching.

“We are IN LOVE with our pictures. They truly captured our vision to celebrate our love in Paris.” Read A&S’s full review here

The Hotel Preparation

The architectural buildings of this city are covered with golden sunlight for the first dawn of the day and we can hear birds singing somewhere from the clear blue sky. Our couple was preparing the first steps for their intimate wedding at their hotel. All are carefully arranged with wedding rings, their vow books personalized with their names on them, fresh flowers scent, and a little sweetness not only from Ladurée’s macaron box but also from the loving gestures A&S gave each other.

Their ceremony under the Eiffel tower

Now here we are, in front of the symbol that represents the city of love. Looking at our bride and groom, don’t they themselves look like a symbol of love? All the sunshine, lots of happy smiles, and a little bit of touching tears. Not just only from the couple, but also from our team. Since it’s been such a difficult period and we’re just so happy to be able to do what we love! For an intimate wedding, especially when it’s just the two of you, what’s more wonderful than being blessed in this memorable moment by the most romantic (although quite quiet) witness of the city of light and love, Madame Tour Eiffel?

Couple portraits

After the ceremony, the photographer together with the couple wandered through the paved streets of Paris and took the most stunning pictures. There was no stress indeed. We’re so proud to have been a part of one of the most beautiful memories of their lives.

Time to celebrate! with champagne ofc!

This intimate celebration took place as we walked through the small streets beside the Eiffel Tower. A&S prepared in advance 2 classy champagne glasses with their names on them “Mr & Ms. Pickard” and ready to roll in their new journey.

Parisian stroll

Waking up early gives you the chance to enjoy the quietness of one of the busiest cities in Europe. Don’t miss out on this chance! You will extremely appreciate the golden light and the architecture building blend in other. Plus, there’s no one around!

Deux cafés crème svp !

After all, our couple warmed up a bit with 2 cups of cafés crème. They exchanged affectionate glances, whispered loving chats together. As the city slowly began to wake up, they could not be more satisfied with their Paris elopement wedding.

Photographer: Through The Glass Paris
MUAH: Alesia Solo
Vow books: Delicate Papers

For those who prefer simplicity for their Paris Elopement, this intimate wedding by the Eiffel tower is for you.

Couple Stories
The Paris Elopement

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