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Same Sex & LGBTQ+ Wedding Elopement at the Eiffel Tower

From Disney dreams to a Parisian enchantment, T&J's love story proved its resilience. Their same-sex wedding defiantely set the tone for elopement wedding in Paris.
gay wedding elopement ceremony eiffel tower

Tati & Julie always knew they would get married in Paris because it was magical and the city of love. Even though they took quite the detour to get there! T&J originally planned to get married in Paris. Instead, their family convinced them to have a big wedding back home so that they can celebrate it all together.

T&J decided on a wedding in Disney Land Florida because that was where they went on their first date. Everything was going as planned until it wasn’t! I think you all know what happens here, Covid. That’s right, the pandemic put the whole world on lockdown and T&J’s wedding on hold.

After repeatedly being postponed it was eventually canceled.

Spoiler alert: The story doesn’t end there! This same-sex wedding has a better happy ending than anyone could have hoped for

T&J got legally married at a courthouse, even though they didn’t get to have their Disney wedding.

Instead, they got the wedding of their dreams.

Once the borders opened up and we heard their story, we couldn’t wait to give them the wedding they deserved! So, here they are standing Infront of the Eiffel Tower, a violinist playing the Beauty and the beast song as reminisces of their first date, and an officiant officializing this same-sex wedding.

It was like the world stopped moving for those few minutes. It was just T&J there saying the most heartwarming words and promising to love each other forever and more.

It’s funny how the world works! T&J had to jump through many hoops but then landed exactly where they dreamed of going. The Power of Manifestation we’re telling you!

The Same Sex wedding turned out better than imagined

Oh, and we can’t finish a ceremony without a little champagne pop


Choosing Trocadero as a spot for your wedding ceremony is gorgeous! However, you have to get up early, or else the place would be swarmed with tourists. Thankfully our couple didn’t mind waking up early to have the place all to themselves.

Just look at how stunning the photos came out!

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Pont Alexandre III

Our next stop was at the Pont Alexandre III bridge. The white and gold architecture perfectly matched our bride’s white wedding dress and white suit. The Pont Alexandre III is a deck arch bridge that connects the upper quarter of Paris to the Lower Quarter, which is otherwise divided by the Seine River. The bridge is a popular photo spot due to its extravagance. It has been classified as a French monument since 1975.

T&J walked on the bridge. They twirled, kissed, and danced like nobody was watching which makes for the perfect grounds for capturing those candid moments

A Little Detour

Sitting in a French cafe sipping on some coffee, biting into a freshly baked croissant, and people-watching is a must!

Don’t they look like they belong to one of those old school French movies?

Last but not Least!

The Palais Royale was our last stop before we had to say goodbye to our couple. Thank you, T&J, for trusting us to plan your dream day, a wedding elopement in Paris. It was a pleasure to get to share this day with you and capture your love.

Congrats T&J

From Disney dreams to a Parisian enchantment, T&J's love story proved its resilience. Their same-sex wedding defiantely set the tone for elopement wedding in Paris.

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