Intimate elopement Shangri La Paris

Elopement Wedding Ceremony Shangri-La Paris

Get married with style in an intimate elopement wedding with Eiffel Tower view on the Private terrace of Shangri-La Paris Luxury hotel.

Can you imagine the City of love, the Eiffel Tower, an intimate elopement wedding ceremony at Shangri-La Paris, with you and your lover? If Disney stories were real and belonged in the modern world, then it would be Gabrielle & Ivan’s love story.

All photo & video credits go to the talented team of Through The Glass Paris.

G&I flew from the US to tie the knot in the city of love. Not only that, but they chose to have an intimate elopemeny ceremony on the private terrace of Shangri-La Paris. Shangri-La is known for having a class A view of the Eiffel Tower. Most of its hotel rooms have a glimpse of the Iron Lady peaking out for all the guests to enjoy. Now I’m sure, what you really want to know more about is how this elopement went?

In a few words: Magical, Dreamy, Sparkly, & Unreal.

Breakfast With Eiffel Tower View

What better way to prepare for your wedding ceremony than to have breakfast with a view. You’ve heard of breakfast at Tiffany’s. Well, G&I went harder than the classic with an elevated breakfast at Shangri-La and a panoramic view of Paris.

Shangri-La has many breakfast options. Our couple went for the Bauhinia Breakfast consisting of Fruits, coffee, jams, bread, eggs & porridge. Yes, our mouths were watering too.

Intimate Wedding Preparation in Shangri-La’s Hotel Room

G&I got ready separately so that G could surprise I with the first look of her in her sparkly wedding gown. Their room was one with the Eiffel Tower view. There are many reasons to have an Intimate wedding ceremony. The privacy, the luxury, the intimacy its almost like the whole world stops and its just the two of you.

First Look Before the Wedding Ceremony

This may be our favorite moment when the bride walks up to the groom as he anxiously awaits to lay eyes on her. G reaches out and taps I’s shoulder giving him the okay to finally turn around. And he does.

Before his eyes is her, the woman of his dreams, the woman he promised to marry 10 years ago. Finally, standing in a gown and moments away from saying ‘I do’ forever.

Elopement wedding with Eiffel Tower view at Shangri-la Paris

The chosen location for the ceremony was the “Terrace Eiffel View Room.“ Upon booking this room, we would advise you to check the dimension of the terrace beforehand as the terrace size varies with each room in this category. The terrace was decorated with flower stands and petals. The officiant getting ready to begin the ceremony and marry two people meant to be.

After the vows were exchanged and G&B said their I do’s. The best part began. Champagne showers & delicious sweet cake. Here’s to celebrating this couple’s happily every after.

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to be loved by the person you love is everything.”

– Unknown

The day went by beautifully, and the couple agrees too,

Linh & Duc gave us best day of our life. They were organized, detailed-oriented, creative and the best type of extra. I honestly can’t say enough good things about their service. They were so accommodating ensuring that we choose the right day and weather for the elopement. We started out the day with a beautifully decorated elopement location, rode in a vintage car, strolled through the autumn leaves and ended the day with dancing in front of the Eiffel tower. It somehow was even better than I described it. The day went incredibly smooth and Linh & Duc focus so much on our experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better day even if I tried. We’ll be telling this day to our children one day, Thank you Linh & Duc for the most romantic and adventurous day of our life.

*sniff* oh give us a minute while we wipe away our tears.

Thank you so much to you G&I for trusting us with your special day and allowing us this opportunity to plan it for you.

Couple Portraits Around Paris

G&I rented a vintage car to go around all the best locations in Paris for pictures. Paris looks great in all seasons. Each season has its own charms. The first location chosen was near the Eiffel tower. Nothing says Paris and romance like the Iron Lady. And there are many viewpoints to take pictures with the Eiffel Tower, our team can’t wait to share them with you! So it never gets boring.

Then we moved on to the Tuileries Gardens, which were painted in orange hues thanks to autumn. It was absolutely magical! The opportunity to take photos with that backdrop and showing the emotions between our newlywed lovebirds

Fun fact the Tuileries Garden was the first Royal garden to open to public in history!

Lastly, pictures were taken by the Seine and in a Parisian Café. Cafes in Paris always have a certain flair to them that makes them romantic & charming. With their round red tables and chalkboards of the current menu. Very retro!

We ended the night dancing on the streets of Paris. The night sky, the fireworks, G’s Wedding gown, & the Eiffel Tower sparkles. It was all just perfection. Check out the Wedding Video we shot of them.

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We hope you enjoyed this story as much as we enjoyed being a part of it!

Get married with style in an intimate elopement wedding with Eiffel Tower view on the Private terrace of Shangri-La Paris Luxury hotel.

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