Spring Elopement at the Luxembourg Garden Paris

Spring Elopement at the Luxembourg Garden Paris

Golden hour elopement during springtime in Paris in the breathtaking Luxembourg Garden. Need we say more?

Spring. What a lovely time to be in the city of love. When the days get longer and the sunrises a little earlier. The weather gets warmer, and the gloominess of Paris is warmed up by the sun’s radiance. Our couple, E&D, chose the perfect time to have an elopement at the Luxembourg Garden in Paris.

They also chose to have a video for their elopement to remember this moment forever. All credits for photos & video go to Through The Glass Paris.

First Look Moment

When it comes to weddings or elopement photography you really want to capture the couples emotions on that day and tell a story through the picture. But, it may not always be easy for lovers to express themselves freely when others are around. That’s what the first look moment is for! The first look allows you and your partner to experience your emotions raw and freely when you first see each other on your special day. And we will be there to capture every heartwarming moment of it.

Bride and groom first look in Luxembourg gardens
Romantic First Look at the Luxembourg Garden During Springtime

Can we also talk about how beautiful E’s bridal bouquet is? Perfectly matching the Luxembourg Gardens with the vibrant colorful flowers. The bride chose these flowers as an inspiration off of Monet’s paintings.

Intimate Ceremony at the Luxembourg Garden

E&D met at work where they were both newly hired, they quickly became friends and spent too much time laughing in the break rooms together. Once time they met outside of work to binge watch a show on Netflix called ‘Love’ and well the rest is history. Hands held that night, hearts intertwined, a love story bloomed long before they realized it.

So why Paris? For E&D, they both had come to Paris a long time ago and fell in love with the city’s food and culture, and E’s son, naturally hearing stories about it, wanted to come to see it. So what better place to have a family trip together for the first time there and an elopement simultaneously?

A little glimpse into their vows,

“I’ve been living in heaven with you since the day you held my hand for the very first time. We were just friends at that point, partners in crime at work, and there was a moment when I thought perhaps we’d be nothing more. But that day on your couch when your hand grabbed mine it felt like I was catapulted into a kaleidoscope and I instantly knew I was falling in love with you. Every cell in my body combusted and I’ve been on fire for you every single day since. The most importantly day, what really captures my heart is seeing you with the first true love of my life, my Dre.”

You can find the rest of the vows on the video, so romantic!

They Settled on an Elopement at the Luxembourg Gardens, which is a fantastic choice for springtime. The Luxembourg Garden is magnificent, especially in spring when all the flowers bloom, and it looks like it came straight out of a fairytale book.

You can also check out this elopement that also took place in the Luxembourg Garden but during autumn time and it was breathtaking!

Stunning Locations for the Couples Shoot

The best part now we took advantage of the golden hour sunrise and snapped gorgeous shots of E&D in the gardens. The warm tones and radiance gave life to these photos. We wanted the pictures to express just how beautiful E&D’s love story was in real life.

D had asked E one day what her dream date would look like and E knew exactly what it was. It was a picnic and wine date at a gorgeous spot in Austin called Mount Bonnell. Years pass by and D takes E on the most beautiful places and some of the best restaurants but not once to Mount Bonnell which was free and merely a 20 minute drive from their house. Little did E know that D was saving the best for Last. Fast forward to 3 years later in late 2020, D finally took E to her dream date and not only that but also got down on one knee and asked to spend the rest of their lives together.

The next spot was at the Louvre and there was nobody there but us. Our elopements start very early in the day for this reason. As you can see, the Louvre is empty at that moment, but if you show up an hour later, it would be flooded with tourists all over the place. The early birds get that reward of having the whole place to themselves!

Popping champagne celebration elopement wedding photoshoot

E&D really know how to do things with style.

Now how about some cake and Champagne on the riverbanks of the Seine with a full display of the Eiffel Tower?

Yes, please!

Vintage Car in Paris

As E told us, that her two boys (hubby & son) were too cool for anything too mushy and romantic. So, a vintage Cadillac car was just perfect for this couple. It’s classical, luxurious, and unique! You don’t see people driving around in vintage cars anymore. Having a Cadillac in your photoshoot in which you can ride in adds a total badass and cool-ness concept to your wedding pictures while still keeping it charming and romantic for the bride.

You can’t say the vintage car did not transport these wedding pictures back in time. Now add some shades and you look like you came straight out of an action movie.

Now for one last surprise…

Hidden Location on Private Terrace with Eiffel Tower View

A rooftop adventure for only the bravest of our couples. We climbed up all the way to the rooftop of this building to discover the amazing scenery and panoramic view of Paris. Nowhere in the city would even eb close to compare. It’s a little risky, but I think we can all agree that the reward is worth it and most importantly that bride & groom were all for it!

And what a day it was, we are forever grateful to you E&D for giving us the opportunity to plan your day. It was fun, emotional, joyful, and we hope we were able to portray all these emotions we felt through the photos & video.

You an subscribe to our YouTube channel, Through the Glass Paris, to check out other videos of elopements that we did there & for future ones.

And that’s a wrap as E&D drive off to their happily ever after.

Elopement couple's photos Spring Luxembourg gardens

Golden hour elopement during springtime in Paris in the breathtaking Luxembourg Garden. Need we say more?

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The Paris Elopement

As wedding planners, we are here to make sure that everything is in order for your special day. Timeline, venues, officiant, photographer and videographer, decoration, hair & make-up, florist, and more… We know the best vendors in Paris who will make your organization a breeze. Eloping is about focusing on the most important things for you, so shall we take care of the rest?

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